April Preparedness Focus: Food

Do 1 Thing, a non-profit organization that aims to build more disaster resilient communities, asks the community to do one “thing” to enhance preparedness each month.

The focus for April is food. This month we challenge you to review the aspects of your contingency plans as they relate to food. Consider the following:

  • How many days worth of food does your facility have on hand at a given time and how is it stored?
  • Make sure to consider staff that may remain at the zoo in addition to collections.
  • How would a loss of power affect your food supply?
  • Have you identified alternative sources of food in case your normal supply is cut off?
  • Do you have MOUs with vendors or other facilities to address this?

View additional general resources on this topic here. If you are just getting started with planning, consider looking to our Contingency Planning Modules for more industry specific information.