Emergency Animal Transport Panel

Event Location: Virtual Webinar
Emergency Animal Transport Panel

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In this interactive panel led by Dr. Don Moore, subject matter experts from across the industry will share their perspectives on considerations for emergency animal transport before, during, and after disasters. A Q&A session will follow brief panelist presentations from the following experts:

Frank Kohn, Biologist with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s International Affairs Program, Wildlife Trade and Conservation Branch – Transport Considerations and Permits from a Federal Regulatory Perspective

Michael Fouraker, Executive Director of Fort Worth Zoo – Lessons Learned from Evacuation and Response Mobilizations

Rachél Watkins Rogers, Instructor/Course Administrator for AZA’s Animal Transport for Animal Care Professionals (ATACP) Course – Why Are Registrars an Asset During an Emergency Response?

Alan Sironen, Owner of Zoo Consultants International – Transport Considerations During Natural Disasters

Dr. Brian Joseph, Relief Veterinarian at the Seattle Aquarium – Before the Event of an Unlikely Emergency: Veterinary Perspectives

Melinda Arnold, Owner/Chief Strategist at Fusion Link Communications – How to Talk to the Public About Emergency Transport