What’s your Secure Zoo Strategy?

Event Location: AZA Midyear Meeting
What’s your Secure Zoo Strategy?

12:00 PM – 1:30PM ET

This event is part of the AZA Midyear Meeting; registration for that conference is required to attend. To learn more visit: 

This interactive session will review the ten steps to developing of Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) response plan using the Secure Zoo Strategy.  Throughout this session participants will be invited to engage in discussions about various disease scenarios, including lessons learned from the impacts of SARS CoV-2 on zoos and aquariums, to help inform improvements to individual facility plans and possible updates to Secure Zoo Strategy guidance documents.

Planning elements that will be addressed in this session include response partnerships, risk assessment, personnel roles, biosecurity, surveillance and more!

This session would be beneficial to any community member looking to learn more about planning for a FAD event. To get the most out of this session we recommend participants have a general idea of what is included in their facility’s disease response plans include and if possible, have access to a facility map to refer to when biosecurity options are discussed.

Secure Zoo Strategy was developed to help zoos, aquariums, and other managed wildlife facilities develop plans to protect themselves from high consequence disease outbreaks, and mitigate the effects should a disease occur.