ZDR3 Region 6 Workshop Hosted by Texas State Aquarium

Event Location: Texas State Aquarium
ZDR3 Region 6 Workshop Hosted by Texas State Aquarium

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Disaster response encompasses a wide range of skills, many of which are best taught in person. This 2-day Regional Response Readiness workshop offered by ZDR3 allows personnel from different facilities to establish relationships that evolve into collaborative preparedness.

Participants network and plan with teams from other ZDR3 Network facilities in their region and learn:

  • about ZDR3’s disaster response planning specific to their region, and how to be more involved
  • how to develop disaster response teams to support other zoological facilities impacted by a disaster
  • how to strengthen their own facility’s response capacity
  • how teams from different facilities can complement each other’s strengths

Workshop participants take what they learn back to their home facility to share and utilize for incidents they need to manage, and to be better prepared to assist other facilities facing their worst day.

The next ZDR3 Regional Response Readiness workshop, hosted by Texas State Aquarium, is being held April 9-10, 2024. It is for FEMA Region 6 (TX, OK, LA, NM, & AR), though participants from other regions are welcome. A facility does not need to be a member of ZDR3 to participate.