Influenzas of Non-Domestic Species Training

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As part of early preparedness efforts for H5N1, The Zoo Animal Health Network and Lincoln Park Zoo created a series of modules to train animal managers on the basics of influenzas in non-domestic species. This training was developed for bird owners and managers: many have had no experience with influenzas in their collection.

The training was designed to be interactive, and basic questions are asked of the training participants. There are also options for more advanced learners within the module. While the training was developed in 2010, much of the information contained is still quite appropriate to newly emerged strains of influenzas.

Of special interest is the module on Active Observational Surveillance, or AOS. Variations of AOS have been used for welfare monitoring at several zoos and aquariums, and it is recommended that you discuss with your veterinarian how AOS could be developed to assist you with observation surveillance to more quickly identify ill collection animals, when many species that make up the exotic animal industry are not handled on a regular basis.

Please note:  The modules below are merely archival recordings of the training, and do not maintain the interactive components described above.

Module 1: Introduction 

Module 2: Characteristics  

Module 3: Investigation 

Module 4: Reporting 

Module 5: Management 

Module 6: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Module 7: Active Observational Surveillance (AOS)

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Active Observational Surveillance (AOS)