Preparedness Focus: Communication

July’s preparedness focus is communication. A disaster impacting your facility may disrupt normal communications within your facility as well as with the outside world. Consider the following:

  • How will you communicate with staff and guests on grounds during a disaster?
  • Has this method of communication been tested for functionality in shelter in place areas? Do these areas have a way to charge radios or cellphones?
  • Do you have a plan for how to communicate with individuals and agencies off-site?
  • Is this plan easily accessible to staff that may be on grounds during an emergency? Is information for all emergency contacts included and up to date?
  • How will you communicate if cell service is not working?
  • Do you have a designated contact outside of the area that you may be able to reach if local circuits are exhausted? Has your facility looked into buying or renting a satellite phone that could be used if other methods of communciation are down?

If you are just getting started with planning, consider looking to our Contingency Planning Modules for more industry specific information. Additional information on crisis communication plans for businesses is available on

Do 1 Thing, a non-profit organization that aims to build more disaster resilient communities, asks the community to do one “thing” to enhance preparedness each month.