Secure Zoo Strategy Webinar Series

This webinar series will introduce Secure Zoo Strategy (SZS), a guide to help facilities develop business continuity plans to address the unique needs of the exotic animal industry in Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) outbreaks.


All webinars will take place on Fridays at 10:00 am ET

  • February 8th – Steps 1 & 2: Partnerships and Business Model
  • February 22nd – Steps 3 & 4: Risk Assessment and Roles for Personnel
  • March 8th – Step 5: Biosecurity
  • March 22nd – Steps 6 & 7: Surveillance and Operations
  • April 12th – Steps 8 & 9: Media & Communications and Recovery
  • April 26th – Step 10: Facility Readiness Evaluation

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Recordings will be available to those who are not able to attend or who need to miss one or more dates. Feedback from participants in these webinars will be used to further refine the SZS documents before they are finalized.