The Zoo and Aquariums All Hazards Partnership (ZAHP) is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new e-Learning Platform!

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The ZAHP learning platform is housed on CollaborNation, and will maintain a variety of e-learning courses developed by ZAHP and its collaborators on topics such as emergency preparedness, animal health, safety, and contingency planning. These courses, developed with partners such as Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) Training & Response and the AZA Safety Committee, are now available to participants:

  • Introduction to Technical Rescue for Exotic Applications: This awareness-level course introduces how practiced technical rescue skills can be used at exotic animal facilities for sling lifts and recovery support. 
  • Exotic Animal Strike Team (EAST): Introduction to Field Disaster ResponseThis course introduces how Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) teams work in a disaster response and the role of exotic animal specialists in the field in these events.
  • Fitting in With Emergency ManagementThis course explores how exotic animal facilities that have no pre-existing disaster plan(s) can kick-start their preparedness planning efforts. Starting with disaster planning basics, the course works up to facilities that have plans and would like to explore ways to network with Emergency Management partners at a variety of levels. Featured guest Eric Thompson with ASAR Training and Response provides a whole-community planning exercise along with facility workshops to help individuals from a variety of backgrounds work within existing emergency management structures.
  • Firearms 101: The zoo and aquarium industry is one of only a few that requires preparing for the use of firearms in a public space. This course, designed by members of the AZA Safety Committee, will provide an overview of the unique setting that zoos and aquariums present, different types of teams and responses, determining who is on the team, training, and more! If you have recently been charged with leading your firearms response, or undertaken a critical review of an existing firearms program, this course is for you.

In addition to custom offerings from ZAHP, registrants will also gain access to a selection of free course offerings from San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy and other CollaborNation partners on a variety of topics including animal care, safety, and compliance. 

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Registration for the platform is free and currently open to professionals working in zoos, aquariums, or other managed wildlife facilities only. 

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Disclaimer: This platform and published courses are retained by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy. ZAHP has no jurisdiction or control over courses created by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy or other external organizations.