2 Lock 2 Key System and Other Administrative Control Resources

2 key 2 lock systems, also known as 2K/2L systems, have become a key part of the safety culture around the care of their potentially deadly animals and are a great way to make a safe facility even safer. In a 2K/2L system:

  • All “important doors” (or any door that separates a current keeper space from a current animal space) must have two different locks that require two different keys. 
  • No one person may possess both keys at the same time.
  • Important doors may only be unlocked after both holders of the keys have a conversation and deem that the area is a safe space to enter – and the door is no longer an important door.

If your facility is looking to fine-tune its 2K/2L system or to implement one, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and other industry partners are excited to share some new resources to help you do so. 

Below you will find the 2 Key 2 Lock System and Other Administrative Control Resources document, which contains background information on the 2K/2L system, example practices, resources, and more.

You can read the 2 Key 2 Lock System and Other Administrative Control Resources document here.

You can also watch “Making a Safe Zoo Safer,” a webinar on the 2K/2L system presented in conjunction with the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens, below:

Thank you to Dave Ruhl, Ashley Arimborgo, the staff of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and the staff of contributing zoological facilities for their work on this resource.