Applications of the Incident Command System (Webinar Recording)

This webinar was presented March 1, 2024

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standardized tool that organizations of all types can use to manage both emergencies and planned events.  By establishing common processes and structure, ICS also allows for better coordination and integration of resources even during large and complex incidents.  In this webinar panelists provide practical examples of how their facilities have used ICS to manage different situation; reviewing lessons learned and sharing insights that can help other facilities with implementation.

  • ICS in Zoos: Adapting to the Incident Command System to best coordinate with outside emergency responders and increase your success and safety – Anne Knapp – Director of Safety & Security, Zoo New England (ZNE)
  • Incident Command Team: How Akron Zoo Utilizes the ICS – Amber Acord – Senior Facilities and Grounds Manager, Akron Zoo
  • ICS at a Large Facility – Sarah Perry – Security Manager, Detroit Zoo

The Zoo and Aquarium All Hazards Partnership (ZAHP) is pleased to present this event in collaboration with the AZA Safety Committee, as part of the ongoing Topics in Zoo Safety webinar series. Sign up for the ZAHP newsletter at to receive notices about future offerings.

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Presenter Bios:  

Amber Acord – Senior Facilities and Grounds Manager, Akron Zoo
Amber started at the Akron Zoo in 2019 as the Park Services Supervisor, then moved to the Safety Manager before coming home to Facilities.  She has a degree in Wildlife Management, with focus study on invasive species.  Amber just entered her third year as a member of the AZA Safety Committee.   She is a member of the Example Practices Subcommittee, loves helping to review example practices and hearing what other zoos are doing.  Working at a zoo fulfills a life long goal of working in an industry that cares about the environment and stewardship of the animals she loves.

Anne Knapp – Director of Safety & Security, Zoo New England (ZNE)
Since earning a BS in Biology Anne has worked in 3 different zoos over the past 39 years. Prior to taking over the Safety & Security department she managed a variety of terrestrial species, and designed important plans including an animal nutrition database, enrichment, behavior management, zookeeper training, the Animal Care Internship program, and Lean at ZNE. She served on the Association of Zoos and Aquarium (AZA) Safety Committee for 6 years, and has continued as an adjunct member to the Escape subcommittee.  She has been at the forefront of developing emergency preparation and incorporating Incident Command System (ICS) in zoo emergency response. She runs a full scale live dangerous animal escape drill at the end of April each year that is attended by over 25 outside agencies and stakeholders.

Sarah Perry – Security Manager, Detroit Zoo
Sarah started her zoo journey as the Assistant Security Manager in 2018 and she couldn’t imagine working in any other industry. She oversees the security department at both the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, Belle Isle Nature Center in Detroit and recently acquired her Professional Emergency Manager certification through the State of Michigan. To strengthen her partnerships with their first responders, Sarah sits as an associate member of the Oakland County Tactical Response Consortium (OAKTAC) and the Oakland County Incident Management Team.


Disclaimer:  This webinar is advisory in nature, informational in content, and intended to assist facilities in providing a safe and healthful environment. Considerations therein do not replace or override any applicable federal, state, or local laws, regulations or ordinances. Content may not address all of the safety and husbandry concerns for a specific facility. It is the responsibility of each facility, through the application of technical judgment and experience, to determine the appropriate procedures for that facility.  Views expressed in this webinar are solely those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of any entities they represent.