Hurricane Florence

As you are aware, Hurricane Florence is currently approaching the East Coast as a category 4 hurricane, causing the governors of North Carolina, South Carolina,  Virginia, and Maryland to make emergency declarations.  A life-threatening storm surge is likely along the coastlines of all 3 states,  in addition to damaging hurricane force winds and life-threatening freshwater flooding which may extend inland in the Mid-Atlantic.   Up to date news, predictions, and advisories regarding Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Helene (currently strengthening in the Atlantic), Hurricane Isaac and other storms can be seen on the National Hurricane Center site.

Please remember incidents begin and end locally.  While we share general information, look to your local emergency management agency for specific information about your area. A list of emergency management agencies by state can be found here.

Most of you located in areas of potential impact already have hurricane plans in place, but we have included some additional resources that may be of assistance below.

We are closely monitoring this event, and welcome you to contact us if you have any questions or feel we may otherwise be of assistance to you at this time.