Public Comment on Draft National One Health Framework Due Nov. 6

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is seeking public comment on the draft National One Health Framework to Address Zoonotic Diseases and Advance Public Health Preparedness in the United States: A Framework for One Health Coordination and Collaboration across Federal Agencies (NOHF – Zoonoses). Comments must be received on or before November 6, 2023.

To comment visit the documents page for this non-rulemaking docket on and click the “Comment” button under the Notice for Public Comment document.  All submissions received must include the agency name (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and Docket Number (Docket No. CDC-2023-0075).  Please note that comments will be posted publicly without change, including any personal information provided. Additional information about the submission process is available on the FAQ.

Additional considerations from the Notice for Public Comment:

The CDC and our federal partners invite public comments to inform revisions to the proposed framework and follow-up activities. Commenters are encouraged to answer the following questions:

  • Are there any new or proposed objectives that should be prioritized?
  • What attributes and characteristics of the proposed framework will most likely lead to success?
  • Are there any specific barriers or gaps to achieving success?
  • Are there any critical steps or milestones necessary to successfully implement the proposed framework?
  • How do state, tribal, local, and territorial partners, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, private sector partners, and other partners want to engage with federal collaborators to advance implementation of this framework?
  • What additional One Health issues should be prioritized in the future?
  • What information or recommendations are needed to ensure the guiding principles of health equity, sustainability, stewardship, and a multisectoral approach are adequately addressed in the framework? How can these guiding principles be elevated during follow-up development and drafting of implementation plans?

Organizations should submit a single response reflective of the views of the organization/membership when possible. Please note that comments received, including attachments and other supporting materials, are part of the public record and are subject to public disclosure.

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